Piercing by Jerry

Piercing Artist, Sea City Tattoo

Jerry got his start in the industry at the ripe age of 38. He has a long list of past occupations with one common theme: customer service. In 2008, destiny brought him to the body modification community. He apprenticed at Painless Steel in Missoula, MT. In 2010, Jerry moved to Everett, WA to continue piercing.

Since then, Jerry has acquired a reputation as a conscientious, caring, skilled body piercer. He’s as happy piercing ear lobes as he is performing so-called “serious piercings.” Long days turned into long weeks, and Jerry established himself as a steady fixture in the Pacific Northwest body art community. “I was told to see the guy in the kilt” is a common refrain from Jerry’s clients past and present.

Jerry’s future plans include APP membership, making Sea City tattoo & Body Piercing the best place to get pierced and installing RFID chips for Amazon, Google and Boeing. (Seriously! Call me!). He looks forward to enhancing millions of client’s aesthetics with gold, titanium, and steel in the coming years.

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Most piercings are $40, pairs are $70, surface piercings are $40 and genitals are $75. Piercings and jewelry sales are currently by appointment due to Covid-19.

To ask questions: Email: info@seacitytattoo.com

Jerry’s Piercing Portfolio

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