Piercings by Suika

Piercing Artist, Sea City Tattoo

Suika grew up in and out of foster care in Oregon. Living a life mostly with oppressive and rough circumstances, she valued her self-expression through her writing and appearance more than anything as a way of freedom. In 2015, she moved to Washington to live with her now-wife. She worked various odd jobs until eventually finding a purpose in piercing.

Suika has been piercing since April of 2018 at Sea City Tattoo (formerly known as Painless Steel). She apprenticed under Jerry Lynde during the year prior, which she considers to be one of the best decisions of her life.

Her favorite piercings to do are industrials, lower lip piercings, bridges, and septums. She is currently learning how to do dermal piercings as well.

Aside from piercings, she loves her wife, her fur babies (a bunny, a cat, and a dog), going to metal shows, studying Japanese language and culture, writing her various novels, and playing far too many video games.

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Most piercings are $35, pairs are $65, surface piercings are $40 and genitals are $75. Piercings are on a walk-in basis.

To ask questions Email: info@seacitytattoo.com

Suika’s Piercing Portfolio