Erin Ashleigh

Tattoo Artist, Sea City Tattoo

ErinAshleigh is a Washington based tattoo artist. Color, form and composition are the focus of her end result with each design. The art of tattoo often allows for the interaction between pain, beauty, emotion and healing within one moment. This moment is captured in a picture and placed on the body and commemorated permanently. Her training consists of four years of formal art school at Portland State University and a formal tattoo apprenticeship before beginning her career. ErinAshleigh is focusing on the realm of realism with her work. When she is not at the shop tattooing, ErinAshleigh in the studio, painting. She works in all mediums of paint and also resin, creating works that foster reactions or promote the realism that mirror the work she is doing within the tattoo world.

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Erin Ashleigh has a $60 minimum and is $125 an hour. Tattoos and consultations are being done by appointment due to Covid-19.

Erin Ashleigh’s Tattoo Portfolio