Tattoos by Stephen

Tattoo Artist, Sea City Tattoo

From an early age Stephen has been fascinated by all things art related. Like most kids he got into comic books and from there learned to draw. At first sight, his room is evident of this as it is adorned with comics from his collection that he has acquired over the years. It wasn’t until a trip to the states that he saw his first tattoo on a family friend. The fascination with adding artwork to a person grew from there.

At 19 Stephen decided to join the military in the hopes of paying for art college. Two days after his graduation from boot camp 9/11 happened. This spurred a new sense of duty within him and it was no longer about having college money. For the next 14 years he served as an active member in the US Coast Guard. Now he is finishing his career as a reserve member.

In Feb of 2013 Stephen made the decision to follow his dreams and pursue tattooing. Since then he has worked in several shops across the country, learning and honing his craft along the way. He feels that the art should match the person, and should be the foremost thought of the design.   

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Stephen has a $60 minimum and is $125 an hour.  By appointment is best. Walk-ins when possible.

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